• THE SUMMER PROJECT was given to the intermediate students of Banjara School Of Dance. Their task was to research various subjects in the field of bellydance/ fusion. Each duo was given a subject that was completely out of their comfort zone. On a better day they would have probably made different choices for their projects. But what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, right? In total 9 projects were presented and each one was very different from the other. An important point to keep in mind is that in some of the projects the dancers actually had very minimal technical knowledge of that style, they had to research, self study, interview international/national dancers and put together their interpretation of that particular subject. In no way are we suggesting that the dancers are proficient in the particular style. Neither do they take sole credit for the project, as it was only possible with the help of all the resources/ people included. A very huge THANK YOU to everybody who made this possible. Feedback and criticism will be highly appreciated, as that is also one of the parameters that will help each dancer grow.
    So what does the word urban mean? simply something that belongs to or has developed in the city. In an urban setting to be precise. As a belly dance school we are not in the right position to debate whether a style can be called urban or not but it has seem to become synonymous with a choreography style that uses various elements from styles like hip hop, wacking, popping, vogueing etc. This piece is a take on finding the right balance between belly dance and such styles. The interpretation is fresh, has a comical sense to it and the right amount of playfulness. So lets groove with them, what say?

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